Art & design are a passion. Organizing information in a way that is unique and also assists in the understanding and absorption of said information provides me with a much needed challenge. I hope I can share this passion with you soon.


Graduation from Appalachian State University with a BFA Graphic Design

2004 – 2009

Worked as Junior Designer at, Learning the tricks of the trade.

2009 – Present

Working as Senior Designer and Creative director for Small company, many hats to wear!


Over 12 years in the business, Adam has worked with a number of clients of various business types and budget sizes.




How much?

Alas, this is a tough question. Every project has a variable costs and why I try and have the full scope of the project before quoting a project.


How long?

I try not to promise too much too soon. I really like to make sure I pad any estimate of time, so I can always surprise by coming in early.


What software do you use?

A number of programs. Photoshop/ Illustrator for design, and then most of the styling in SCSS, using that wonderful Sublime text.


How do you deliver?

After final payment is received all assets/info are turned over, mostly as a zipped file via Dropbox. I can work with most clients on how to make this happen.


Are you willing to relocate?

Where would we be talking about? Not at this moment, but you can always ask. I can travel to meet & work with clients if required.

It's not just about doing a job. It's not just about completing a project. These things are ultimately important, but for me, It's about challenge and moving to the next level. For myself and for the brand/project I am working on. I'm ready for that.