Strategy, coding, coverage & payment

Acuity Reimbursement is a boutique reimbursement firm ready to handle your personalized request. They only work with a few companies at any one time so we can give you the personalized attention that you and your company deserve. They are here to optimize the reimbursement for your medical device. They were founded by a medical device executive with over 15 years experience in Health Economics & Reimbursement. We are here to provide you with top, quality customer service at an affordable price.

Their areas of expertise include reimbursement strategy detailing coding, coverage and payment to payer insight and strategy, reimbursement training, and case management as well as sales representative support hotlines.






This clients needs were simple, and had a budget to reflect it. A redesign of an older site, with some modern elements and an easy flow of navigation. The clients biggest issues were people knowing what they did and being able to find the contact information easily. Clean and simple.

Love it!

David Davis

  • Design Cost
    Estimated $1000
  • Wrap up
    This was a quick simple site, and that is all it needed to be. I like the quick in and quick outs!
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