Push It Productions


 Unlike many other production companies

Wanda Sykes and veteran showrunner Page Hurwitz joined forces in 2013 to form Push It Productions, a full-service production company dedicated to creating quality, comedy-based programming for network, cable, and digital outlets. The company's diverse slate of projects includes sketch comedy, talk/variety, sitcoms, concerts, reality, competition, and innovative hybrid formats.

In just over three and a half years, the company has put it’s stamp on some high profile projects.





Now this was an exciting project to work on. I have been a fan of comedy and Ms. Sykes for a while, and to hear that this was coming down the line got me pretty excited. It was to be a simple site, but that didn't matter. I felt like the challenge was to make it the best version of what they wanted, while keeping the user back end as simple and as automated as possible. The client wanted to connect Vimeo and a CMS together so that the power of both platforms could be used. While there are many ready made plugins, the specific needs of this client made it such that some user end customization were needed. Using WordPress to power the CMS and post the videos on the site seemed a no brainier after everything was said and done.

  • Design Cost
    Estimated $5600
  • Wrap up
    As of this post, I am proud to say that the site is up and running and performing as needed. I worked with client to modify and come under budget for all their needs.

Epic Homes Georgia


26 years in home building

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of the word “Epic” is to exhibit the characteristics of an experience that extends beyond the usual or ordinary; to be monumental. That sums up Epic Homes.





Epic homes needed an Epic site, under budget of course. The priority of the site was to communicate commitment to the product they were producing. It was very important to them they potential customers know they at they are not an average builder, but a partner in the process. I worked with them to help communicate these wishes along with providing the ability to upload/update the floor plans they provide. Te ease of use of CMS from WordPress met the needs of every thing they wanted.

This looks GREAT guys - thanks so much!

Jennifer Dilbeck

  • Design Cost
    Estimated $5000
  • Wrap up
    These clients were great. After getting through some communication mishaps, we found the perfect balance and provided the produce they wanted, under budget.

Rays Rentals


World Famous

If you are in Mission Beach, San Diego, you will need to go to the beach, and you might need to rent some equipment to enhance you time there. Ray's Rentals has you covered. Since 2005 Ray's has hadthe primary goal of providing the top level of service and the highest quality bike and surfboard rentals.

They have even grown beyond Mission Beach. Why have more products and more locations? Because they continue to maintain the highest level of customer service, hands down, compared to anywhere else! The goal is to provide the trifecta - highest quality rentals, at the lowest prices, with exceptional customer service!




These clients were great. They had an outdated Wix site that needed to be brought up to speed. It was black and hard to read and update. They needed something new, something bright. They were lacking that atmosphere that they thrive, and needed to convey the feelings of "Mission Beach", fun, and summer. The logo was provided, but I felt it was great. It fit them perfectly and gave me the direction I needed to take the rest of the site. Bright and happy colors. Can't go wrong with that, can you?

  • Design Cost
    Estimated $3800
  • Wrap up
    This one got under way, after a few problems needed solving. All mostly under budget. I now need to make my way to Mission Beach.

Cogenics Consulting


Trusted advisor in automated simplicity

Cogenics Consulting is your trusted advisor in simplifying and automating reporting processes in your company. They have proven expertise in providing enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions. Whether it is management or external reporting they can quickly assess your existing environment, create a business blueprint for short term and long term solutions and implement integrated applications to support your financial reporting needs.

They see reports as an end outcome of comprehensive and cohesive process of budgeting, forecasting legal consolidation or analytics. At Cogenics, They believe in linking the dots between these procedures and your company’s overall mission of assessing value.




This client needed a site update desperately. They had an outdated site that needed an updated look and feel, along with a major bump in SEO. While I am not the one who they call on to handle the SEO per se, I can give them the help they need with the updated look. I redesigned the current 14 pages to be more user friendly. The customer wanted to simplify the text and make sure people who visit the website know what they do. That was a huge component of the home page, making clear they service they offered.

They wanted to follow 3 guiding principle, Simplicity, Clarity and Functionality & they like a white background. I got to add a bit of abstraction in some of the images, that went along with some of the more complicated ideas they needed to convey.

  • Design Cost
    Estimated $2000
  • Wrap up
    This is an example of a site where the client needs it to run on it's own after it is done, with minimal input. I do know this has an impact on SEO, but it seems to work for them.

Quilling Card


Time honored, & beautifully crafted.

The art of quilling has been around for centuries, with a remarkably varied historical background spanning across continents. What is Quilling? Quilling is the art of rolled, shaped, and glued paper that results in creating a unified, decorative design. The cards produced at Quilling Card are top of the line in quality handcrafted art. 

Quilling Card, rooted in Vietnam, has been incredibly fortunate to assemble a team of women who have become passionate about the art of quilling. In 2015, they were honored to become Fair Trade Certified with the Fair Trade Federation. They can produce your design unique wedding invitations, bring life to your business logos, and any dreamt up meaningful gifts.




The staff at Quilling Card presented a unique product that they needed to effectively sell. They needed an easy to use site, mobile friendly and with the ability for commerce. Woocommerce with WordPress was a great fit for these wonderfully creative people. Along with the functionality, the site needed to reflect the ideas and beauty of the wonder product they had, and they came ready to work. I had a great time bringing the visions of the staff to one cohesive site.


...we liked the last proof that Adam sent, and we are excited to move forward!

Jenna Faden

  • Design Cost
    Estimated $7000-8000
  • Wrap up
    In the end, we managed to stay under budget, even with a few extensive requests. I think the end result will speak for them for a while to come.

Pets Walk On


 Professional, Positive, Reliable, & Caring

Dog walking and pet sitting. Things every pet owner needs to think about when leaving an animal alone for long periods of time. Finding the right person to look in on your loved one is even more important.  These services are available at competitive rates from WalkOn.

Trust is the priory of WalkOn. Their goal is to help you carry on with your work or travel plans certain that your pets are receiving the best possible care.  Expect professional, positive, reliable, and caring service from WalkOn each and every time you book our services. Mid-day walks & help with your feline family member, they are ready to back you up.





The client came to Appnet to have a new site. She wanted something elegant and easy to navigate, on all platforms. Along with ease of use, she also wanted to visually establish trust with the user. This site had an added componant of a branding update. The client felt it was it was time for a branding update, to go along with the new flow of the the site.

This was a fun one. The client was ready to have fun with the process from start to finish. She had already looked at some nicely rendered logos for inspiration and was ready to have something great. The colors and feel was pulled through the whole site, making it one solid project. I also am an animal lover, so it was great to look for powerful shots of pets.

Unused concepts:





I've gone over the page with fresh eyes this morning and I still think it's beautiful.

Beth Hamill

  • Design Cost
    Estimated $3000
  • Wrap up
    This one came in under budget, and every one was super happy. I always hope to have a client who is very clear and creative in the needs and wants of the project.

Acuity Reimbursement


Strategy, coding, coverage & payment

Acuity Reimbursement is a boutique reimbursement firm ready to handle your personalized request. They only work with a few companies at any one time so we can give you the personalized attention that you and your company deserve. They are here to optimize the reimbursement for your medical device. They were founded by a medical device executive with over 15 years experience in Health Economics & Reimbursement. We are here to provide you with top, quality customer service at an affordable price.

Their areas of expertise include reimbursement strategy detailing coding, coverage and payment to payer insight and strategy, reimbursement training, and case management as well as sales representative support hotlines.






This clients needs were simple, and had a budget to reflect it. A redesign of an older site, with some modern elements and an easy flow of navigation. The clients biggest issues were people knowing what they did and being able to find the contact information easily. Clean and simple.

Love it!

David Davis

  • Design Cost
    Estimated $1000
  • Wrap up
    This was a quick simple site, and that is all it needed to be. I like the quick in and quick outs!

Zsa’s Gourmet Ice Cream


Creating & Delivering Deliciousness

Zsa’s is a small-batch producer of classic and original artisanal ice cream and ice cream treats. No artificial flavors or colors and incorporate local ingredients whenever possible, that starts with grass-pastured dairy from Trickling Springs Creamery in Chambersburg, PA. When they say products completely from scratch, they mean it.

Zsa’s gets inspired by seasonal ingredients and strive to produce ice creams for both the classic Vanilla lover and the more daring Chilie Peppered Chocolate enthusiast. In Gatsby, the Zsa's 1963 International Harvester, they bring these tasty treats to you.




This client had an outdated site, and was not happy with how the CMS currently worked. After having someone carefully design a wonderful logo and brand for them, they decided to take the current site to next level, and also make it easier to use. Going into this, I wanted to carry the branding and colors into the page, to keep it very focused on what the company was about. The personal love of what they produced carred me forward as well, though to be frank, working with such beautiful images of delicious looking food was a bit difficult, because I kept getting hungry.

A lot of the work was done via intermediary, but I quite enjoyed working on this project, and by extension, this company. They had a clear focus and idea to convey, and I can only hope they saw exactly what they wanted.


  • Design Cost
    Estimated $2000
  • Wrap up
    In the end, they got a solid site that satisfied the branding and made them happy with the easy of the CMS. They also had Woo Commerce components installed for when they are ready to move forward with e-commerce.

Guérard Glass


Glass, in its hot, liquid form, can flow & swirl as an eddy of water

Guérard came to blown glass art via the route of his background in philosophy and aesthetics and his practical bent of wanting to create with his hands. At a certain point in life, after considering possibilities
as disparate as hang gliding and building solar homes, the allure of the beauty of glass prevailed. A weekend glass blowing class in Denver seemed like magic and the other possibilities no longer were of interest.

Judson Guérard about Making Blown Glass

As a material, hot glass focuses and sustains my interest in the immediate task of doing, making, while hinting and sometimes pointing in a direction away from the particular task. It suggests a melding of hand and mind into a symbiotic process of doing and becoming blown glass art, in which each sustains or rejuvenates the other to continue the process.




I had worked in various capacity with this client, when she decided her husband needed an updated site. Her current site was in WordPress, using a theme that, to her, was bulky and hard to use. Among other issues, this was a site for an artist. It needed to be more than just an e-commerce tool.

With Sally giving me her wants and needs, and detailing what she did not care for with her current site, I believe I was able to create a very polished site. Displaying the images they worked so hard to shoot, and capture the essence of Judson Guérard's work was paramount. At the same time, keeping the CMS easy to use and light weight was key to the continual maintenance of the site by the client. The branding was part of the way, and I just brought it to life, and incorporated in to the design of the site.

I find that it can be challenging when people approach the same creative problem, especially if both of those people feel they are creative. Luckily that was not much of an issue, because Sally, the husband of the artist, and one herself I believe, was great to work with.

Thanks so much. I feel good about the site.

Sally Guérard

  • Design Cost
    Estimated $3500
  • Wrap up
    After the new site launched, no longer being encumbered with a bulky WordPress theme, both artist and wife have been able to keep this site updated with all the things that make them happy.

Imperium Productions


Video services of all types, shot all with an eye for quality, and not Quantity.

Imperium Productions offers turn-key TV spot production from script writing all the way to delivery of the finished product to the TV outlet of your choice. Along the way they provide close-knit support with our brands and clients to make sure that their vision is achieved. Fully capable of providing crews of 20+ members for national-level productions, we look forward to supporting your next advertising campaign.

Whether you're looking to shoot a large-budget TV commercial or corporate brand video, Imperium Productions can cover that.




This is a redesign for a new client. The site was to be built in wordpress so that the client will have a complete content management system for easy of update. A focus on increasing mobile presents was also a factor of this project.

The goal of this updated look was to give the site and branding a professional look to display the quality of the services and products they produce. Having full screen videos and imagery was a must for this client.

I was working with established branding, so I was easily able to update everything, and stay within the budget projected.


Josh Aaron Ausley

  • Design Cost
    Estimated $1600
  • Wrap up
    These guys are doing great. After turning the site over to them, they have continued to administrate it with little to no assistance from us.