Pets Walk On

 Professional, Positive, Reliable, & Caring Dog walking and pet sitting. Things every pet owner needs to think about when leaving an animal alone for long periods of time. Finding the right person to look in on your loved one is even more important.  These services are available at competitive rates from WalkOn. Trust is the […]

Guérard Glass

Glass, in its hot, liquid form, can flow & swirl as an eddy of water Guérard came to blown glass art via the route of his background in philosophy and aesthetics and his practical bent of wanting to create with his hands. At a certain point in life, after considering possibilities as disparate as hang […]


The smart programs should be really smart and well designed. Chicago-based startup Yella approached me to help them build their websites and mobile app, and to design marketing materials to promote what was a really great idea. Working with a logo designed by Sean Farrell, I helped the guys at Yella treat it well, creating […]