Trusted advisor in automated simplicity

Cogenics Consulting is your trusted advisor in simplifying and automating reporting processes in your company. They have proven expertise in providing enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions. Whether it is management or external reporting they can quickly assess your existing environment, create a business blueprint for short term and long term solutions and implement integrated applications to support your financial reporting needs.

They see reports as an end outcome of comprehensive and cohesive process of budgeting, forecasting legal consolidation or analytics. At Cogenics, They believe in linking the dots between these procedures and your company’s overall mission of assessing value.




This client needed a site update desperately. They had an outdated site that needed an updated look and feel, along with a major bump in SEO. While I am not the one who they call on to handle the SEO per se, I can give them the help they need with the updated look. I redesigned the current 14 pages to be more user friendly. The customer wanted to simplify the text and make sure people who visit the website know what they do. That was a huge component of the home page, making clear they service they offered.

They wanted to follow 3 guiding principle, Simplicity, Clarity and Functionality & they like a white background. I got to add a bit of abstraction in some of the images, that went along with some of the more complicated ideas they needed to convey.

  • Design Cost
    Estimated $2000
  • Wrap up
    This is an example of a site where the client needs it to run on it's own after it is done, with minimal input. I do know this has an impact on SEO, but it seems to work for them.
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