Glass, in its hot, liquid form, can flow & swirl as an eddy of water

Guérard came to blown glass art via the route of his background in philosophy and aesthetics and his practical bent of wanting to create with his hands. At a certain point in life, after considering possibilities
as disparate as hang gliding and building solar homes, the allure of the beauty of glass prevailed. A weekend glass blowing class in Denver seemed like magic and the other possibilities no longer were of interest.

Judson Guérard about Making Blown Glass

As a material, hot glass focuses and sustains my interest in the immediate task of doing, making, while hinting and sometimes pointing in a direction away from the particular task. It suggests a melding of hand and mind into a symbiotic process of doing and becoming blown glass art, in which each sustains or rejuvenates the other to continue the process.




I had worked in various capacity with this client, when she decided her husband needed an updated site. Her current site was in WordPress, using a theme that, to her, was bulky and hard to use. Among other issues, this was a site for an artist. It needed to be more than just an e-commerce tool.

With Sally giving me her wants and needs, and detailing what she did not care for with her current site, I believe I was able to create a very polished site. Displaying the images they worked so hard to shoot, and capture the essence of Judson Guérard's work was paramount. At the same time, keeping the CMS easy to use and light weight was key to the continual maintenance of the site by the client. The branding was part of the way, and I just brought it to life, and incorporated in to the design of the site.

I find that it can be challenging when people approach the same creative problem, especially if both of those people feel they are creative. Luckily that was not much of an issue, because Sally, the husband of the artist, and one herself I believe, was great to work with.

Thanks so much. I feel good about the site.

Sally Guérard

  • Design Cost
    Estimated $3500
  • Wrap up
    After the new site launched, no longer being encumbered with a bulky WordPress theme, both artist and wife have been able to keep this site updated with all the things that make them happy.
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