Professional, Positive, Reliable, & Caring

Dog walking and pet sitting. Things every pet owner needs to think about when leaving an animal alone for long periods of time. Finding the right person to look in on your loved one is even more important.  These services are available at competitive rates from WalkOn.

Trust is the priory of WalkOn. Their goal is to help you carry on with your work or travel plans certain that your pets are receiving the best possible care.  Expect professional, positive, reliable, and caring service from WalkOn each and every time you book our services. Mid-day walks & help with your feline family member, they are ready to back you up.





The client came to Appnet to have a new site. She wanted something elegant and easy to navigate, on all platforms. Along with ease of use, she also wanted to visually establish trust with the user. This site had an added componant of a branding update. The client felt it was it was time for a branding update, to go along with the new flow of the the site.

This was a fun one. The client was ready to have fun with the process from start to finish. She had already looked at some nicely rendered logos for inspiration and was ready to have something great. The colors and feel was pulled through the whole site, making it one solid project. I also am an animal lover, so it was great to look for powerful shots of pets.

Unused concepts:





I've gone over the page with fresh eyes this morning and I still think it's beautiful.

Beth Hamill

  • Design Cost
    Estimated $3000
  • Wrap up
    This one came in under budget, and every one was super happy. I always hope to have a client who is very clear and creative in the needs and wants of the project.
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