Unlike many other production companies

Wanda Sykes and veteran showrunner Page Hurwitz joined forces in 2013 to form Push It Productions, a full-service production company dedicated to creating quality, comedy-based programming for network, cable, and digital outlets. The company's diverse slate of projects includes sketch comedy, talk/variety, sitcoms, concerts, reality, competition, and innovative hybrid formats.

In just over three and a half years, the company has put it’s stamp on some high profile projects.





Now this was an exciting project to work on. I have been a fan of comedy and Ms. Sykes for a while, and to hear that this was coming down the line got me pretty excited. It was to be a simple site, but that didn't matter. I felt like the challenge was to make it the best version of what they wanted, while keeping the user back end as simple and as automated as possible. The client wanted to connect Vimeo and a CMS together so that the power of both platforms could be used. While there are many ready made plugins, the specific needs of this client made it such that some user end customization were needed. Using WordPress to power the CMS and post the videos on the site seemed a no brainier after everything was said and done.

  • Design Cost
    Estimated $5600
  • Wrap up
    As of this post, I am proud to say that the site is up and running and performing as needed. I worked with client to modify and come under budget for all their needs.
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