The only app you'll ever need.

Turtle was born from a revolutionary thought: what if we, the students of today, are the ones best suited to create the platforms we need? UC Berkley Based startup thinks they have come up with a solution to your school woes.

There at Turtle, they're dedicated to making student life as simple as possible. That’s why they created a platform that gives Students & Teachers all the tools they need to stay on top of their game.


These ambitious collage students had a dream of launching an App that integrated all aspects of collage life and made it easier for students AND teachers to communicate with each other.

They had the App and the Drive, now they needed the web presents to present and grow the usage of their product. Taking some of the branding and ideas they worked out in the app, I carried over the look and feel, while at the same time influencing the look of the interface with my design work. This cross pollinating of ideas made for a very interesting and creative endeavor.

All in all I feel like this project came out great, and I wish the guys over at Turtle the best.


Thanks a lot for all the great work, we truly appreciate it!

Mohamed El Sewedy

  • Design Cost
    Estimated $3800 (web only)
    Final $4500 (Additions made)
  • Wrap up
    These were a good group of kids who are looking forward to doing big things. As of this post, they are still working hard to get this App up and running.
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